We are never ‘alone’…

Growing up, I realised that no matter how many times I wailed and no matter how thick my tears were, my words would never reach the ears of those who only wanted me to keep my mouth shut.

Attending a school where everyone was trying to fit in and make the right friends, I realised how I had spoken too soon and how it had caused much more harm than good. I really felt that I was the only one going through the usual teenage ‘problems’. One day, I thought of using my words in a different way, in front of an assembly of my entire year group – those who assumed they knew me and those who would spread rumours about me both online and in classes. I was thinking that this one time that I was presenting myself to them with my thoughts and feelings might just make them realise that this life is valuable, and it is a gift. We have no right to take the gifts of others, nor do we have the right to ruin their gifts. Gift gift gift. We have taken these for granted and fail to see how much others value theirs. But, I had hoped too far and expected too much. Some hearts just don’t relate to the ones that are aching.

As the years went on, I felt silly for thinking that only I know how I feel and that no one can help me. I should not allow myself to believe that there is no one there for us. There are those who care about us and love us. Whether it be our parents, siblings, close relatives and friends, our neighbours or a stranger on the train, there is a genuine and honest concern for one another that we share between each other. In recent unfortunate and heartbreaking events that our communities have been suffering, we have found individuals and groups of people who have shown one another that they are willing to support and protect one another, no matter how bad things get. Whether it be by sharing a smile, asking how one’s day went or spreading awareness of the injustice and discrimination one is facing, these are the things that make us one. These are the things that make us united.

In these times of confusion and fear, it is important that we reach out our hands and help people before them having to ask us, to comfort someone before them having to turn to us, and befriend someone before them having to cry to us.


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