When I turned to Islam

The most silliest thing happened for me to realise that Allah is there for me. It was in the middle of year 10, on a Friday. I did all my IT work and saved it on my USB stick. That night I thought I’d do some extra work on it since I had nothing else to do, and I couldn’t find my USB stick. I looked everywhere, in my bag, folders books everything and started panicking. I then realised this is all because I didn’t used to pray, I’d always listen to music or something. I felt sick of myself and went to do Wudhu and prayed Fajr Zuhr Asr and Maghrib as Qada and prayed Isha Salaah as well. I cried at the end and begged Allah to forgive me, I wanted to go into school the next day (it’s open on Saturdays) and look for it in the IT room. I was begging Allah to help me with it. It had ALL my work on it. Science coursework, Media Studies coursework – worth over a year’s worth of work, history coursework. Everything, nothing was backed up. I felt so stupid. I couldn’t go to school the next day because of family stuff so I felt so so so depressed, but kept up with prayers. Then, on Monday morning I went 30 minutes early and ran up to the IT department. I remember I didn’t even bother knocking before going in Miss’s office lmao. I told her how I lost it and stuff and she took me the classroom, and she had it on her desk.  I was so grateful that she found it and kept it safe Alhamdulillah. I hugged her and from then, I just had a strange feeling, I felt it in my chest. That knowledge that Allah REALLY exists was there, I could feel it. I knew He would never give up on me, and that was the day I came into Islam. I’d say, from when I was a child until year 10, I wasn’t really a believer. I didn’t have faith. I just did things because everyone else was doing it. But, that was the day I found my Allah, and I promised myself I’m never going to let go. That year during Ramadan, I started watching lectures and I couldn’t help but cry. That’s when I left music and everything else behind me and moved on. So yeah, that’s my story.

Please keep me in your du’as in sha Allah, and please keep the rest of our Ummah in your du’as too! From what I shared with you, I hope you learnt that ONE du’a can change everything.


9 thoughts on “When I turned to Islam

  1. Assalamu alaikum TasnimR.
    I came across your blog post by chance, and it made me smile.
    It is truly amazing how Allah can guide each and every one of us in different ways. Allah is most merciful, so never “give up” on his mercy. For everyone reading this, if you have done wrong, seek Allah’s forgiveness, for he is Ar-Raheem(The especially Merciful)

    May Allah keep you and your family on the straight path. Thumma ameen.

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    1. Wa alaykum as salam,
      I’m glad you liked the post, JazakAllahu khayr. Subhan Allah it really is amazing! Your du’as are so sweet, thank you so much! May Allah reward you and keep you and your family firm on His religion, Ameen

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  2. Reblogged this on Blessed by belief- A Muslim's Life and commented:
    Came across this post a few minutes ago. Its amazing how Allah guides us all to Islam in different ways. We each have our life’s trials and tribulations, it’s ups and downs, but put your faith in Allah, and be patient, and persist in your patience, and you will NEVER be let down. Because every dua we utter, Allah hears, for He is the All Hearing. Any act of good we do, Allah sees, for He is All Seeing. Even remembering Allah, in the depths of our hearts and minds, Allah knows of, for He is All Encompassing. May Allah guide us all and keep us all on the straight path of Islam. May we worship him how He wishes to be worshipped, and thank him for what He has blessed us with.
    Thumma ameen.


  3. I pray Allah makes it even easier for you to find Him. Please remember me in your du’as in Sha Allah. You should consider writing more about your personal experiences, anything that makes you feel closer to Allah. Any certain things you do, any times of the day, any particular talks or scholars, anything really. Just don’t stop sharing. Take care and have a wonderful day

    Smile! Wa ‘s-Salam

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    1. Assalamu alaikum,

      JazakAllahu khayr for your kind du’as, I will try my best to share meaningful experiences. Thank you for your suggestions, it’s really sweet of you. Hope you have a wonderful day too, keep smiling – it’s Sunnah! 😀


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